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Dario and Marco's Robotics Symbolic Toolbox for Matlab

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We are both Control Engineers, we graduated from the university "Federico II", Naples (Italy).

Marco Caputano currently works as a mechatronic engineer for ASML in The Netherlands.
He has obtained a M.Sc. in Control Engineering from the University of Napoli Federico II in Italy.
His final dissertation was on nuclear plasma modelling in the framework of nuclear fusion research.
He broadened his academic education with a master in Mechatronic Systems Design obtained from the Engineering Polytechnic of Milano, Italy.
His former work activities include modelling and numerical simulations for nuclear fusion research (CREATE consortium, Napoli, Italy), and in the field of aeronautical engineering (SAFRAN group, Paris, France).

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Dario Bellicoso is a Control Systems Engineer.
His Bachelor final dissertation was on the kinematic control of a Comau Smart Six manipulator using an iPhone as a Teach-Pendant and on the localization of the iPhone in a WiFi network. This work featured the DAMA^{ROB} toolbox to obtain the Smart Six kinematic model. His Master Thesis was mainly focused on the cartesian impedance control of a manipulator mounted on a UAV (ARCAS European Project). He has worked as a Research Assistant at the PRISMA Lab in Naples, Italy. He is currently a Research Assistant at the Autonomous Systems Lab at ETH Zürich and is part of the legged robotics team, where his work focuses on control and planning of a quadruped robot in challenging environment. He fluently speaks Italian and English and programs in C/C++, Objective-C and Matlab/Simulink.
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